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DEC Collectors Lunch

Back for the 2002 season!


Saturday, March 9th 2002 at Noon
Immediately following the Foothill Flea Market


Fresh Choice Restaurant
2540 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View
(650) 949-4901

A group of happy DEC collectors around a table, with a blue DCL sign in the foreground.Want to hang out with people who don't think you're weird? Join Silicon Valley aficionados of Digital Equipment Corporation's minicomputers. With no bylaws and no board, our little group stays informal and lunches the second Saturday of each month at noon, right after the Foothill flea market.

So whether you're looking to restore an ancient PDP-8, or get Perl compiled for your VAX, DCL is a great place to meet and eat. If you're seeking obsolete bootable media, programs, boards, drives or just fellow comrades, please sign up on our email list. DCL v1_01 2.jpg (72564 bytes) Join us to show off photos of your equipment, to find rare documentation, to trade spare parts, software and tapes.

Join the email list to get meeting announcements and post your swappable items. The list is moderated and subscriptions are currently maintained by a human.


Debee Norling, DCL Coordinator


If you can't make it to this month's lunch, please join us at one of these upcoming events!

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DCL V2.03    May 11th 2002

DCL V2.04    June 8th 2002

DCL V2.05    July 13th 2002

DCL V2.06    August 10th 2002

DCL V2.07    September 14th 2002

DCL V2.08    October 12th 2002

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