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These photos show a KA10 processor in the background with the blue front panel and the rows of lovely two tone blue rocker switches.  The small reels of tape next to the processor are TU56 DECtape drives, and the console terminal sitting in front of the control panel is actually a KSR-35, not the more common ASR-33.  The featureless back boxes to the right of the CPU are the line printer and card reader control logic, and the other boxes to the left of the processor are the main memory.  Each 6 foot high, 36 inch wide memory box held exactly 16K 36 bit words of core memory with a blazingly fast 1.0 microsecond access time. 

The magnificent tape drives that you can see in on the right side of the second picture are TU20s and could have been either 7 track or the more modern 9 track variety.  Sitting immediately to the right of these magtape drives is a card reader/punch and next to that, with its back to us, is the LP10 line printer.  The disk pack drives that you see in the foreground could have been either RP01s or RP02s; were they RP02 drives then each would have held just over 5 million 36 bit words, or about 22 megabytes.  RP01s were exactly half that size.

These pictures were generously provided by Bruce Ray of SimuLogics.

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