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Tutorials for JAWS Users
Finding a Stray Cat
TWAIN Troubleshooting
Success with Cuttings
Using Peapod with JFW
Christmas 1997
Christmas 1998
Christmas 2000
Christmas 2001
Christmas 2003

Debee loves to write, and her interests are so varied, that her writings span a range of subjects. We reserved a page for some of her essays and fiction here. Much of Debee’s informal writing is in the form of posts to mailing lists, where she’s an active member of many.

Essays and Short Stories

bulletFinding a Stray Cat

Technical Writings

bulletGeneral TWAIN Troubleshooting
bulletSuccess with Cuttings
bulletUsing Peapod with JFW
bulletTutorials for JAWS Users


Christmas Letters

Each year that we've been together, right after Thanksgiving, Debee goes off for a few days and writes another Christmas letter.  This letter chronicles our news, our successes, and sometimes our failures for the entire year.  Whether it's Christmas when you read this or not, these letters still provide a look back at where we've been over the years.

bulletChristmas 1997
bulletChristmas 1998
bulletChristmas 1999
bulletChristmas 2000
bulletChristmas 2001
bulletChristmas 2002
bulletChristmas 2003

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